The Elderly Woman And Her Cat Were Sο Close That They D.ied On The Same Day

God places specific individuals in our life, but I believe he also sends us little angels when we are in need. And the relationship between a human and an animal can be extremely powerful. That was certainly the case for Jill Layton’s grandmother and Gabby, her grandmother’s beloved cat.

Gabby and Jill’s grandmother met at the perfect time, thanks to God. 

He also called both of them home at just the right time.

Jill, Dodo contributor, recounts the touching story of this amazing connection, and it’s must-read for everyone who özgü ever loved pet!

“In life and death, my grandmother and her cat were inseparable.
My grandmother d.ied four hours after her 15-year-old cat d.ied, and don’t believe it was coincidence

My Grandma and Grandpa adopted Gabby when she was two years old. She went upstairs as soon as they brought her home, chose a bed to snuggle up in, and made herself at home. She realized she was at the ideal spot for a sleep as well as for life.

Grandpa d.ied not long after Gabby became a permanent member of the family. Grandma and Gabby moved into an apartment complex for seniors because they couldn’t keep up with a large house on their own, and where they could get help if they needed it while still maintaining their freedom.

I was fascinated as a child by my grandmother’s love friendship with Gabby, and I knew I’d acquire my own pet as soon as I was able. I yearned for the same kind of unconditional love and friendship that Grandma and Gabby shared.

Gabby spent her days hanging out with Grandma and her evenings walking on Grandma’s head while she tried to sleep till the very end. You know, the usual roommate nonsense.

Grandma brought her to the veterinarian, and they agreed that put her to sleep was the best option. As she closed her eyes for the final time, Grandma hugged Gabby and calmed her. Her best friend and soul partner had passed away. Grandma returned home and slept on the couch after Gabby had left. She didn’t wake up for the rest of the night. She’d d.ied just four hours after her loved feline buddy.

Grandma özgü lost her best friend and maybe soul partner. Grandma returned home after Gabby had left and napped on the couch. She never left hospital.

Gabby d.ied four hours later. Perhaps it was simply her time and a weird coincidence, or perhaps she d.ied of a shattered heart, or perhaps their spirits couldn’t be parted.

I like to believe Gabby was there in spirit to console Grandma as she breathed her final breath, just as Grandma had done for Gabby just a few hours before.

They’re buried together, and I’m sure their relationship is as strong as it was when they were two tiny old ladies who loved life and each other.”

God recognizes everyone of us by name, just as He recognizes all of the earth’s animals. He provides us with the comfort and companionship we require, and He frequently does it via our dogs. Share this tale with an animal lover you know!

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